WTF… Tofu-drink?

Welcome back on a traditional food tour. This time my friends Rosi (@Ceritamakan) and Nela (@Jogjataste) woke me up earlie in the morning to try a special traditional drink. The location was easy to find on the corner of a street.     Tofu as a drink? I actually couldn’t imagine what this drink can … More WTF… Tofu-drink?

Jogja my love!

Finally the time came to go back to Jogjakarta, the place where everything started. Okay I start from the beginning…   First Day Arriving in Jogjakarta at the airport but the taxis are really expensive from here, for around 3 Km they offered me rides in a range from 80 to 100.000 Rupiah, so I … More Jogja my love!

Streetfood Jakarta

Hello back guys! Some have ask me why is it harder in Jakarta to find good street food than in Jogjakarta? Should be the same or not? Nope, it’s not the same, sadly. So here I will give you an example in comparing Jakarta with Jogjakarta: The price Of course that is the smallest problem … More Streetfood Jakarta