Me and my Vlog

Sorry guys, haven’t had time the last days to write on the Blog, the last week I was quite busy with my new Vlog. So after producing already some Vlog’s the last week, today I am going to write down my first experiences while Vlogging. The toughest Video was the first one but after that … More Me and my Vlog

Gudeg Yu Nanik

Hey Guys! Already had sweets today? The people from Jogja love to eat sweet food but: All day long! They also love to have their Tea and other drinks sweeted with some big spoon sugar. Also the traditional food is sweet. In another post I will explain you why they love it. Today’s traditional food … More Gudeg Yu Nanik

WTF… Tofu-drink?

Welcome back on a traditional food tour. This time my friends Rosi (@Ceritamakan) and Nela (@Jogjataste) woke me up earlie in the morning to try a special traditional drink. The location was easy to find on the corner of a street.     Tofu as a drink? I actually couldn’t imagine what this drink can … More WTF… Tofu-drink?

Ken Arok

  Akhirnya kami balik ke tempat unik ini dengan kamera yang bagus sehingga bisa buat Foto malam2. Pak ken Arok dulu bekerja di Sheraton selama 30 tahun, habis dia retired dia buka warung dia sendiri di Kalasan di Jalan ke arah Solo Km. 12,5.   Tempatnya keihatan biasa aja tapi rasanya menurut aku sangat luar … More Ken Arok