Who is Bulekulineran?

There I am! Living few years in Indonesia already changed my life a lot and teaches me many new things about life, social media and the art of Photo/ Videography.

I am Eike from Germany and suddenly found myself after 1,5 year traveling studying Management and Bahasa Indonesia in Germany and Indonesia.

In the small village I come from, the people just realized Indonesia as a country the time my face covered the local newspaper as winner of an Indonesian speech contest at the Indonesian embassy in 2014. They were confused I can tell you, many people contacted me again to find out why someone is learning this language, but that’s another story…

I have a passion for food, that’s easy to say! I am very keen learning about Food as an Art and about a part to keep our body healthy. I love to share the different flavors with you on my different Social Media.

Follow me on my social media:

  • Instagram, in Bahasa Indonesia, updated almost daily
  • Facebook,
  • YouTube,
  • And of course this Blog, the focus of course is on Food but i will also share some personal story’s with you.


For invitations and reviews please contact me at: bulekulineran@gmail.com 



9 thoughts on “Who is Bulekulineran?

  1. Hallo om Bule salam kenal! Wah si om ini sudah la di Indonesia ya? Bahasa Indoneianya lancar sekali (y) .. aku baru mulai mau bikin feed di Instagram ttg makanan nih. Suka makan dan gabisa gendut itu anugrah tersendiri ya 🙂 heheheee

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  2. Hello, sudah Cobain buah durian blom 😁 cobain juga kue kue traditional Indo yg disebut Jajan pasar yaaa , favorit saya kue getuk lindri 😊


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