Who is Bulekulineran?

Hello dude!
Thanks for coming by at my blog.
I assume you are also interested into food and photographics because you made it to my page.

Actually my story begins in Indonesia. I really love to try different kinds of food always on the hunt for the best food!
My friends know i love food and always want to know the most recommended places so they told me that i should also share my experience in social media. BUT: I actually can’t take pictures and i am also not the most favorable writer of this time, so how can i share my experience? I was not confortable at all but in the end I startet to post some really bad pictures at Instagram. Actually it was just a fun project so my friends are not anoying me anymore with this topic. But what is that? There are people liking my pictures and following me?! I can not stop laughing that some people liked this crapy photos… It was fun like hell to me people like it. Just as I already had 1000 Follower at instagram i started to take it serious.

Okay my writing is still not worth to read but my pictures are getting better, i mean if you compare it to the first ones. I startet with my smartphone but to this time i already got a DSLR Canon 500D. I slowly understand the art of photography and try every day to become better in this. Actually I found out the best way to learn about it is to look at photographs of ambitious photograhpers.

So the media i use to share my experience is:

  •  Instagram, in Bahasa Indonesia, updated almost daily
  • Facebook, in English
  • Youtube, (thats still a hassle for me, it takes time but i already learned a lot about videographic)
  • And of course this WordPressblog, the focus of course is on Food but i will also share some personal storys with you.

I would be happy to get to know your experince, comments are welcome 🙂

For invitations and reviews please contact me at: bulekulineran@gmail.com 


Makasih banyak udah tertarik pada @Bulekulineran.

Nama saya Eike Baehre dari jerman, karena makanan yang lezat banget dan orang yang luar biasa ramah saya kepincut Indonesia.

Saya suka makan dan masak. Dalam Blog ini saya akan review beberapa tempat makan dan kasih tau beberapa resep yang mudah dimasak di rumah.


Silahkan follow me untuk updates setiap hari di Instagram https://instagram.com/bulekulineran/

Juga follow Youtube channel saya https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOqWFrLMcmDtehsbX3hx66w


2 thoughts on “Who is Bulekulineran?

  1. Hallo om Bule salam kenal! Wah si om ini sudah la di Indonesia ya? Bahasa Indoneianya lancar sekali (y) .. aku baru mulai mau bikin feed di Instagram ttg makanan nih. Suka makan dan gabisa gendut itu anugrah tersendiri ya 🙂 heheheee


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