The Indonesian train

Sorry guys not yet edited and proofread, was just an articel I wrote in April so I just clicked on posting to get it out… Peace guys!

Mostly, I love touring with my motorbike if I wane go from one to another city in Indonesia, but this sometimes, not really often I also take the train because it’s not much hassle to ride the train, we have to get to the train station on time and just sit there till we arrive at our destination.
One of the best things about a train ride, compared to the motorbike ride is, that we are arriving well-rested and of course not as dirty as riding the bike behind some trucks which have no filter in their extinguisher.
Booking Process
While online business is getting more and more attention in Indonesia, we are able to buy also the train tickets online. What a luck! Before that we had to queue a long time on the ticket counter because there were no ticket machines.
Nowadays I also seen some ticket machines but nobody is using it. So i am not sure if they really work. Almost the same with the parking ticket machines which we can see now in some major cities like Bandung and Jakarta. There are machines installed and some of the “Parking Officers” are paid by the government, but they always advise us not using the machine but just give the money to them. So I am wondering if the machines are getting used in the future or if it was just a nice idea which was copied from other country’s but is becoming just a failed Investion and maybe also just a way to get some corruption money.
So I see, I am already of the topic again. So, nowadays we can buy the tickets online in Indonesia on several websites but we still need to print it out at the train station. That’s one of the point’s I don’t get yet but maybe it’s for fraud prevention, because of the paper which is used.

Going by Executive train
The organization of the trains and also the train stations is different in Indonesia than which I know from Germany. There is always one “Executive” Train and one “Economy” Train and each of them have their own train stations. The travel time of both trains is almost the same, the executive is just slightly faster than the economy. And as the name says, you are getting seated very well in the executive train. You get your own seat with a lot of space for your legs. There are just 2 seats on each side, so it’s nice for long travel. The only problem is that the executive train can be 2 – 4 times more expensive than the economy. But there are more factors that we need to be aware of while deciding which train to take; the trains are going to different times, and there are not as many trains like in Europe.

The last weekend I wanted to go from Semarang to Cirebon for two days. So I wanted to go early in the morning that I have enough time but the only train I could get to that time was an executive train. Well, it was more expensive (around 200 IDR) but it was a very comfortable ride where I could also get some more sleep for the weekend. I think this train is worth the money.

Riding Economy Train home
For the way back, on the time I wanted to go back I just got an economy train, which I am actually also used to a little because I used it some years ago sometimes. If we ride with an economy train, the train station is also ordinary. Nothing special actually, I just realized that the executive train station is more comfortable because of the ride the day before.
The economy train was much more crowded and we just get a seat on a bench, this bench is on one side for two on the other side for three people. As I entered the train the people are very interested in me as a foreigner, so I had some nice talks. In this train we don’t have much space for our legs because the seats are also facing each other. Actually I still would not have a problem with it but the woman in front of me was consistently putting her foot next to me on my bench. The smell of her foot crawl in my nose which was not a delicious smell. Sometimes she even tried, not sure it was on purpose or not, but she tried to put her feet’s underneath my legs. Just an angry look of my eyes were stopping here and moving her feeds back on the bench. So this I had for almost three hours till I reached my destination Semarang. Can you imagine how relieved I was?
So actually I don’t have a problem with the economy train because I also love to talk to the people. But sometimes there are people which don’t know what a good behavior means. This experience was very horrific for me and made me also to choose the next time for a right to Jakarta the executive train.

Did you also already had some horrific or good experience in the train in Indonesia? Please let us know and comment below.


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