My Beef-Rendang Story! Just amazing!


Guys, do you already know Rendang? Oh my Good, I can see you just think: “What the f… does this mean?” Yeah I can see it 😉

But doesn’t matter I will explain it to you. Rendang is an Indonesian beef dish. The real original Rendang is from the daerah of Padang, so it’s an culinary experience from the Minangkabau people. By the way, did you know that the Minangkabau tribe is the largest matriarchy tribe in the world? YES, that’s true! That means actually that the woman have more power and they decide about the way the society goes. But because of strong influence from the Muslim Religion where the man has more power and more things to decide you will not see the matriarchy in the daily routine life.

But there are still points that are different than from the patriarchy culture. One of them would be that the house and the wealth of the family is passed on to the daughter of a family. Also after a marriage the husband will have to move to the womens place and respect all woman in the house like his wife.


But we wanne talk about food here so let’s continue with the food.

As said, Rendang is the most famous food from the Padang Food and it also got already voted by CNN to the best of the year (some years ago). But how can this happen? How can it give people an experience on the tounge which they will never forget?

That’s not so easy, on the one hand Rendang need a lot of Spieces some of them are really hard to get in foreign countrys like the leafs of turmeric. It also uses a lot of Coconutmilk which has to be cooked in the right way. But on the other hand real Rendang has to be cooked LONG! And I don’t mean the long you know, when you are waiting for the ready meal oven Pizza while you are hungry. I talk about 8 long hours  which it needs to get the real tasty Rendang.

You may already know that I love to cook, as I wanted to cook Rendang with some friends in Germany our first problem was that the half of the spieces you can’t get in a normal german city. So we had to create our own recepe, which we mastered with a lot of different recepes  as source. It needed 2 hours to finish the first step of cooking Rendang to mix it all the right way together. But trust me, it was just the beginning! The second stage after the coconut milk splitted, which is very important for the taste, was the slow cooking  on small fire. This needed around another 6 hours till the Beef mixture became to a Rendang we wanted. We started cooking at 8 PM so you can imagine I didn’t had a good sleep because I had to get up every 25 minutes. This night I learned how parents may feel when their babys need the parents attention the whole night long.

Next morning:

Baeeeemmmmmm! Amazing! Can’t believe it! We got exactly what we wanted to get: A DAMN GOOD RENDANG! But wait…, maybe we just think that it’s good because we made it by ourself? We need people to try it. On my University in Germany of course there are also other Indonesians and lucky me, my Indonesian teacher is an Indonesian woman from Sumatra: Ibu Andi, so she has to know how to cook Rendang and also how it has to taste. She tried and we waited, seconds passed by, what does she think? What does she taste? And what will she say?


After not even 5 seconds her face was lighted by a winning smile. While she can just express something like: “Oh my Good” she is already grabbing the second piece. She loves it! Her original words, which I will never forget: “Your Rendang is better than the one I cook!”. Can’t believe it she loves our Rendang! After that we cooked it once again and I brought some of the Rendang back to my familys place. Actually my Dad can’t eat spicy food so I haven’t offered him the Rendang but because all of the others already express there joy about the Rendang he had to give it a try. His reaction I will also never forget because he is one of the best cookies I know so far, so he was also very amazed, he liked the taste and was amazed about the structure of the meat.

But believe me, for novice it’s not so easy to cook it. But because of that I want to recommend you one, just this one Streetfood place in Jakarta where you should go and try the Rendang. You can get Rendang almost everywhere but this one Warung sells, in my opinion, the best Rendang I ever got. This one taste also very similar to the Rendang we cooked in Germany and the color dark chocolate is just the same. Watch the video to get an impression on Rendang.

So next time in Jakarta, promise me to try the Nasi Padang SABANA in the Jl. Garuda, Kemayoran. If you are not amazed about this taste, than I can’t help anymore.


At Nasi Padang Sabana the Rendang cost with Rice just 14.000 Rupiah which is equal to a little les than 1 Euro. So if you haven’t planed your next holiday yet, you know where to go.


4 thoughts on “My Beef-Rendang Story! Just amazing!

  1. Sie sind aber echt ein Bulegaul…Toll. klasse was Sie da machen..
    Weiter so..lanjutkan.
    Beste Grüße von Wong Yogjo..
    Purbo B Hadinoto


  2. awesome!! a lot of people recommend me about this Rendang Beef and I think I have come to the Original place to try it. Indonesia here I come. I’ll make sure to follow your Vlog, nice stories tbh.


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