Believe it or not there are Coffeeshops in Semarang!

Novice in Semarang’s Food and Cafe Scene

Hey guys! I just moved to Semarang, after almost 3 really good years in Jogjakarta I had to move on and now live in Semarang. But no worries guys, I am still often in Jogjakarta because it’s a love of my life!

So the first days in Semarang I already thought i will not like it here because I don’t know anything about the good places to eat and the coffeeshops to go. But after a week here I found already some interesting places. Here i will tell you my first experience about Coffee in Semarang, because without coffee the life is nothing like.

Blue Lotus

The first Coffeeshop which I went because it was recommended by some friends was Blue Lotus. Blue Lotus is more a restaurant which might be romantic with a girlfriend or good for serious meetings but for coffeelovers which want to relax with a cup of coffee this place might be not the best. So the style is like a restaurant with music that sounds like greek. So yes it is special! They also have a coffee bar which seems quite famous. The coffee is also very good but for me it’s the surrounding that makes it not the perfect location for me to relax with a coffee and work on my laptop. But I think if you wanne have a great meal and with this a great cup of coffee: This is the place to go!

So I used my time here a little bit to do some research about other coffeeshops in Semarang and I was lucky to find some.

There are more than I thought on Google and on Instagram but I still have to differ which is a real coffeeshop and which just calls themselves “Coffeeshop”. There was one which looks good on the pictures and because I had some time I wanted to go to this one which is also the furthest away from the Blue Lotus.

Sruput Kahve

So I headed to the Coffeeshop called “ Sruput Kahve” If I translate it right it means slurping (Bahasa Indonesia) the Coffee (Turkish). I could not find out why they use the Turkish word for Coffee but the name still sounds good, maybe just for that. So this is a small Coffeeshop where we can sit outside and inside. Unfortunately I forgot to take some pictures there. But as soon as I am going again there I will take some and update this post. So the Coffee I got there were a Single origin with beans from temanggung. It was like I expected a nice cup of coffee. If you are in the eastern part of Semarang this is a place to try! I haven’t tried the Internetspeed there because I directly dound someone for a real nice talk about Coffee in Semarang. So he gave me some recommendations for coffeeshops in Semarang and also for the places where I can get the Manual Coffee Brewers and the beans. So for the next weeks I still have a lot places to try in Semarang. After this nice cup of coffee I already feel much more comfortable in Semarang.


Today the second day of my Coffee experience tour in Semarang I decided to try the Kofinary Espresso Bar. Actually I was a little bit scared that they may just serve Espresso based Coffees like Cappuccino and Latte but I was wrong! They have a huge variety of beans from all over Indonesia for Single Origin!



Before I tell you more about the Coffee I will let you know more about the place. The place is already bigger than the Sruput Kahve the day before. It has the perfect size! It just feels so homey in this place! Because the owner also owns a furniture factory, which products he is selling next door, they have many different kinds of seats and tables. Also the Coffeebar is decorated with a lot of wood, it looks gorgeous! The next detail which you will directly recognize as a true coffee lover is that the Espressomachine they use is a manual coffeemaker where they have to press the lever down to extract the Espresso.


But today I don’t want to get an espresso but I want a Single Origin. They have around 12 different beans here which I can choose from. And some of them I really never heard about. So of course I have to try some I never tried before and choosed the puntang bean which is honey roast. Smeels already like heaven this beans. Actually I was confused about the price which is 35.000 Rupiah for this Cup but after I tasted the coffee and heard that it’s one of the world award winning coffee I understand the price! It’s a great taste. This fantastic cup of coffee was also the reason and the trigger that made me writing this Blogpost today.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in All after this weekend with some great cups of coffee I feel really good in Semarang. We will see how the journey goes on!


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