Thanks for 5000 Subscribers! Get your Video greeting

Hey guys! Thank’s for now more than 5.000 Subscribers at my Youtube channel BuleKulineran. Now is a time to give You something back. So I will put after each of my videos in the FLOG Playlist one or two videos of viewers who want to bring a message across. This is perfect for people that are living far from beloved ones or want to say hello to all the other viewers. But it’s also a perfect chance to say thanks to anyone you wanne say thanks to, maybe also BuleKulineran 😀

Just think about it how cool it would be if you share your greetings and message thru our community. And it would be a big surprise to the people which you want to surprise because they will not expect this!

Okay this are the rules:

  • Subscribe at BuleKulineran (if you haven’t done it)
  • Create a nice video with your message and greetings (like greet your family or friends, tell us where in the world you are, what food you miss, tell us about your favourite food or let us know what you think about the videos of BuleKulineran),
  • The Video should have a maximal length of 15 seconds,
  • Upload your video to Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Share the link with me via email: (or send it via line: BuleKulineran)
  • That’s it already! So you can make it in just 10 Minutes, isn’t it easy?

I will let you know if your video will be displayed and at which date. So you just have to let the people you love to know the video, just share the video link with them.


I can’t wait to get your video! So don’t wait any longer but just do it now!
Pro tip: Use your camera or hand phone in landscape format so it will look much better on Youtube.


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