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Finally guys, it’s time to write a post again. Long enough I didn’t had time to write on the Blog. The last weeks I was very busy with the Vlog on Youtube. In this time I learned a lot about video and about Youtube. You may read my older post about the first few videos. Now I already uploaded 22 Vlog Videos on Youtube have almost 2.000 Subscribers and I feel amazingly good.

So,in this post  I will tell you a little bit about this  journey in the last few weeks.


The first video which I posted with Ical from Brojajan was already deleted again because the Quality would scare new visitors to my Channel. But I think I am now  at a stage that I can say the ost videos have wuite good Quality. Okay I also know that some of you may say: Eike your videos are shacky sometimes. That’s right sometimes when I hold the camera in my hand but most of the times the videos are stable.


So after the first 3 videos my Foodgrammer Friend Nela (@Jogjataste) also became interested into Videos. She also wanted to try to make some videos but was still a little bit shy (sorry Nela 😀 ). So we thought: Why shouldn’t we make videos together to learn together about it and also to succeed together.

From that moment on Nela (@jogjataste) joined and is still joining in the most of my Videos and I am also in the most of her videos. So it was much more fun to make this videos together. And it also don’t look as stupid as when you talk alone with your camera.  So check out her channel and also don’t forget to subscribe J

As I travelled for two days to Semarang I produced some Videos alone and also with a friend but he did not want to be seen in the video.

This brings me to another point if you think about join Youtube Creators:

  • You have to be ready to get negative Feedback on Youtube and also get Haters which can be realy mean. ( So don’t be sad about comment’s which you don’t like)

The first collaboration with another Youtuber which I just knew because of Youtube was with another German Nani which has the channel Ngopi dengan Nani . She let the people know about how she feels about different things in Indonesia from the perspective of a german. Besides that she has some videos with her family. This is our video together on her channel about food we miss in Indonesia and this one is the Video on my Channel where we try some local vegetarian restaurant letusee So check it out! It was a new experience for me to get to know people thrue Youtube but I have to say it’s amazing! We will produce some more videos together so stay tuned!


I had also some more collaborations with Instagramers from Jogja. So I had the chance to get Rospita from @Jogjafood into my videos where we eat tradistional Sumsum at the market and we drink a 3D Latte Art at the Lagani Coffeeshop in Jogjakarta .


Another day I also had the chance to invite @Streetfoodstories to my channel. He is an expert if you want to know more about local street food in Yogyakarta, so we had some Sate together which is just open for around 2 hours. It was very tasty check it out here:


Due to I started all of this on Social Media as Food Blogger on Instagram I learned that my Key Competence is shooting the food so it will looks tasty and make you feel realy hungry! That’s why I made another Playlist which I call “Tasty food teaser” in which I will put all the Parts of the videos which are just the real Foodporn. .

There are two aims which I am trying to reach with this Playlist. The first of course Is making you hungry but on the other hand I also aim foreign people with this playlist. I know that the other videos may be boring for foreign people because they can’t understand it. So in this Playlist I write everything in English and I hope this short Foodporn videos are good for YOU to share it with your friends from Indonesia and also from other country’s. Let us try together to make Indonesian Food more popular in the world because it’s worth it! Also if you wanne make your friend hungry send some of the videos to him, I bet he/she will starve!

Tour de Jakarta

The next Video are with Ken from @Cowokrakus where we eat Jengkol and Pete at jengkelin in Jakarta. The Video Collaboration with Ken will also be soon on Youtube BuleKulineran.

Another Video we made with Gilang from @Makansampaikenyang where we eat Kwetiau Goreng Siram 78 . There will also be a video on Youtube Bulekulineran soon.


Another Video was already produced with Yudho from Boengoes Network  , which will be online soon, for his channel we eat Soto Betawi Haji Husein and for Bulekulineran we have a Abang Adek Challenge 😀

So don’t forget to Subscribe to this Channels to see always nice food.


Due to the collaboration with all this amazing Youtubers I learned a lot about making videos and I hope some of the inputs which I got  I can use to make my videos even better. But the best part of the collaborations actually are the chance to meet amazing people which I would not get to know if I don’t o Youtube.

I want to thank all of you! All the Youtubers which already made Collaborations with me or still want to do it, all the viewers who like my videos, all the subscribers who love my content and give me input and of course all the people who are sharing my videos with their beloved ones. I love Youtube guys!


So if you haven’t yet Subsribed at my Youtube Channel don’t forget to do it now


Please share the videos you like with your friends, family or colleagues to promote Indonesian food and help me to grow my channel. Thank’s a lot for your support.



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