Me and my Vlog

Sorry guys, haven’t had time the last days to write on the Blog, the last week I was quite busy with my new Vlog. So after producing already some Vlog’s the last week, today I am going to write down my first experiences while Vlogging.

The toughest Video was the first one but after that it became easier with each video. I am normally not a shy person but producing Vlog’s was still something strange for me.

The Vlog progress

In the end my first Video was not the best one but I wanted to upload it on Youtube for 2 reasons: The first was to get feedback from people what i have to improve. Another reason was that I can see the progress I do with the concept of the Vlog but also with the editing and all other aspects about a video. But maybe the most important reason to upload the video was the realease of the pressure of perfection. Otherwise I would maybe produce Vlog’s but never upload it because of the lack of perfection.

Watch my first Vlog to join my journey of progress:


The second Vlog

So from my first Vlog I learned a lot but the most important point was that I am not shy anymore to make Vlogs in public. The second Video was actually the 3 Vlog I uploaded at the Soto Kadipiro, as I arrived there and recognized that it is a very crowded place I actually did not want to make a Vlog there but happy me I got myself to do it. That was the moment I really lost my bashfulness. Okay not all of my bashfulness but almost 😀  See by yourself:

The third Vlog

On the same day I done another Vlog which I uploaded as Vlog 2, the place was quiet so it wasn’t a matter to do it there. Watch the Vlog to see some Indonesian made coffee maker:

Bulekulineran bule soto kadipiro jogja yogyakarta review tempat makan khas jogja.jpg

To the time I write this, I already done some more Videos for the Vlog which are uploaded next week maybe every two days I will upload a video. You will see that my self confidence is getting better with each video. Now I also done a load of Videos with Nela from @Jogjataste which are mostly quite funny so if you want to know more about it don’t forget to subscribe at the BuleKulineran Youtube Channel.  And also don’t forget to subscribe at the Channel of @Jogjataste , we actually try a new concept: We eat a lot together so we always take turns in producing Vlog’s, so if you wanne know our whole tour, don’t forget to Subscribe at both channels 😉

Let me your thoughts in the comment section. Thank’s for reading and have a great day.


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