First Bulekulineran Vlog released


Wow! Congrats to myself! 😀 Finally the first Vlog video is produced and released on Youtube.

With the help of Icalilul from @Brojajan, Ebid and Dito we made the first video. I think the biggest obstacle was my bashfulness. In my opinion it looks a little bit strange when the people are holding the camera by themselfes and talking alone with the camera. That’s why I despiretly needed people that helped me on the track to becoming more confident alone with the camera.

Ketan Susu Durian

For the first location we wanted a place that is unique and not to full with people. That’s why we decided to make the first Vlog at the Ketan Susu Legenda in Yogyakarta. At ketan Susu Legenda they sell sticky rice with milk and different toppings. Because I love durian (the stinky fruit) I choosed this one as my dish which was very tasty!

The tools for the Vlog

My idea of a Vlog is that it should be simple enough to produce it alone. So I just use the GOPRO Hero 3 for filming. The Mmlite Comica Lavalier Mic CVM V03GP for recording good sound and just my Phone for editing. The App KineMaster is a quite powerful resource for producing good and high quality videos. There are many options like screen in screen and green screen options. So with this app you can get quite creative.

Conlusion of the first Vlog

Finally I realized that it is not to hard to make a Vlog. But what does it need to become a Vlog people want to watch? I can’t answer this question but planning for the next sessions I will try to make the topic of the Vlog more interesting. Besides that I ill try to get better food pictures for you which should contain the foodporn we want!

See you at the next Vlog guys!

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