Relaxed lunch at Jogloparisewu


Finally the next video is on my Youtube Channel. This time we went a in a village very close to Jogjakarta.There is a small place named Jogloparisewu. Don’t get lost on the way there so check out the address on the bottom of the page.

Just a 10 to 15 minutes ride with the motorcycle from the UPN is the place in the Northeast of Jogja.  If you need a break from the stress of the city or just want to be a little bit alone, this is the place to be.

Here you can get Ayam Gepuk which is similar to Ayam Geprek but with more favour which I can recommend you! Besides that is also the Red Velvet banana [Pisang Red Velvet] interesting. With it’s funny color and the red velvet taste it’s different from the normal fried banana. The special drink here might be the Cold Brew Coffee which is actually not a real Cold Brew Coffee because it’s brewed hot and in the end shaked in a Cocktailshacker with enough ice. That will give you a Coffee with a lot of foam on top.  In Jogloparisewu they also serve Coffee beans from the area of FAKFAK. Funny name or? It’s a area in Papua, they also have a University, do you wanne study there?

Besides the food at Jogloparisewu the atmosphere is good for relaxing. Just next to it is a river and a lot of trees. If you are getting bored enter the dollhouse which cost you 15.000 Rupiah but there you can make a lot of funny pictures with some huge dolls. Okay enough just watch the video:


Cold brew:                         18.000 Rupiah

Coffee Choco Float:       27.000 Rupiah

Green Mint lime tea:     18.000 Rupiah

Pecel bumbu mete:       15.000 Rupiah

Ayam Gepuk:                   25.000 Rupiah

Pisang Jari:                         15.000 Rupiah

Pisang Red Velvet:         20.000 Rupiah



Location: Bromonilan, RT. 008 / RW. 003, Purwomartani, Kalasan, Kabupaten Sleman, Yogyakarta

Wifi: No

Level: Enak 

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