Welcome BuleKulineran on YouTube

Maybe you already heard or read about it, I just start to understand Youtube and start producing with some friends content for Youtube.

In this post I want to explain you why I decided to join the Youtube community and how are my first experience.

Already many of my friends and also followers on Instagram ask me to try out a new format: Videos.

Actually I am really not shy but to make videos in public can be a little bit awkward. That’s why I was thinking a long time about this. Should I do it or maybe not? But how about all the technical Questions? Do I have the right equipment? That are Questions i asked myself.

Technical Obstacles

So what were the technical problems I had from the beginning? I am a proud owner of a HERO GOPRO 3 since few years, the only problem is that I never could watch the videos I took with it, because my laptop don’t reach the specification needed to edit or even watch the good GOPRO movies. So it means I would need a laptop that is good enough for editing videos. But for a laptop like that i would need a Budget which i can’t afford at the moment.

Next problem: If I would have the possibilitie to borrow a laptop of a friend, I would need time to get used with the editing and cutting tools on the laptop. This would consume much time, which I don’t  really have because I can’t borrow the laptop for few days (I mean normally that’s not possible). This are the points which made it easy for me to belief i can’t take videos.

In addition to the technical problems are also the point’s that it could be strange to talk just with a camera and what should i talk about?

In the end some friends made this decision easier for me because they want to help me with the video and also editing. So that’s it, that’s the point which made me joining Youtube.

The Video-Team

So the team I found to work together is amazing, we all have individual roles which we understand and try to fulfill it with perfection, let me introduce my team to you:

From right: Kukuh (@Fodlabplus), Rosi (@Ceritamakan), the owner of Gudeg Yu Narni (our first great shot) and on the left is Nela (@Jogjataste)


Every film or Video starts with a story, for that we have Nela (@Jogjataste) in our team, who will know the location before the rest of the team, keep in dialog with the owner and the chef and due to that, the time we get to the location everything will be smooth for the rest of us. Even more, if you hear a woman voice in some of the videos, which is communicating kind of bossy or maybe funny with me, that’s also her 😀

At the location we need a man who understand to get the whole scenes into the camera or into the Iphone, for that Rosi(@Ceritamakan) joined the team, he is already a long time interested into producing videos and now can show his technics and skills. He is actually also the man whos job is it to produce the tasty Foodporn pictures for the Videos, the pictures which make you crave for the food.

Always breaking the limits 😀

The newest member of the team is Kukuh (@Foodlabplus), due to him we are able to use 2 to 3 cameras at each scene. His creativity is the key to make the videos watchable for you, sometimes with some amazing special effects and with music that just suits the situation. Lean back and enjoy the show.

And of course last but not least: Me, as the talent 😀 You know I love to talk and discuss, that’s why everyone said I should do videos. I will try in each video to tell you something interesting or even funny with a language which might be a little bit different as which you are used to but that’s what makes it special, right?

Our Philosophy

We just wane be ourselves and enjoy what we do. There are already enough shows which just copy the format of others we don’t want this, thats why we always try something new, to find the styl we love to produce. We believe if we produce something with passion, it will become interesting, watchable and hopefully also shareable for you.

The Low-Budget Equipment

So with this team we are able now to produce quite good videos on a low budget level. You wouldn’t believe it but we use just simple equipment for the production.


For the actual Video we use following Cameras:

Samsung NX 300 18mm – 55mm

Samsung NX 300 30mm

Iphone 6S

GoPro Hero 3 (Till now once used)

We don’t use all cameras all the time, it always depends on what we want to shoot and which camera is the best for it. The Iphone6s  is a very good Smartphone for Videos because of the Anti-shacking which is build in there. So the videos are always smooth. The GoPro we just used once till now, it was for a scene from the drivers persective.


For the sound recording I bought a quite cheap Clip-on microphone, actually there are just two different microphones in Yogyakarta which are in my price range , so the choice was not to hard, I bought the:

Mmlite Comica  Lavalier Mic CVM V03GP

Actually the reason why I bought this one was just because it has also an adapter for using it with a GOPRO. But in the end the Sound is for the moment enough with this equipment. Much better as our first videos which we took without an external microphone

Editing Software

For the editing we are using IMovie and  Final Cut Pro on a Mac bookbut we are not quite sure which we will use in the long run. IMovie is very easy to use and after watching some Youtube Videos you can create already some nice effects like Picture in Picture or Greenscreen effects.
However if you want to become more creative you need a better software like Final Cut Pro but till now I can’t tell you a lot about this. As a small recommendation if you have also a laptop which is bit older and you are looking for a Video-editing software try the VSDC Free Video Editor, this is a software I used for my first videos. WindowsMovieMaker exported quiete back quality but as I found VSDC I the Quality of my Videos became better. You will need some time to understand the program but in the end you will love it!

Other Video Ideas

Which we just talked about is one of the video formats which are planned on BuleKulineran Youtube Channel. Besides that there will be a weekly Vlog which is taken by my GOPRO. Wondering why after 2 years owning the GOPRO but never edited video, I now wane use it?
Just found out that the processor on my Smartphone is much better as the one of my Laptop. This makes it possible for me to directly transfer the videos from the GOPRO to the Smartphone which is a XIAOMIE Mie 4 and edit it on there. Still trying some editing softwares but Kinemaster is maybe the one which really suits my needs.
Sometimes I just need short videos for Instagram for that it’s mcuh easier to use auto-cutting software. I just tried QUICK, an amzing program.Just set the duration you want for your final video choose the music you want, ready! Great program for short video’s.

However, i am still thinkng about the concept of the Vlog and how I can create a concept that is interesting to watch. So if you have any suggestions for me, i am happy to hear from you.

So let’s see how it will work. Also if you have any Question about Youtube Videos, comment below. Let’s learn and enjoy it together.


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