Gudeg Yu Nanik

Gudeg Yu Narni

Hey Guys! Already had sweets today? The people from Jogja love to eat sweet food but: All day long! They also love to have their Tea and other drinks sweeted with some big spoon sugar. Also the traditional food is sweet. In another post I will explain you why they love it.

Today’s traditional food

This time we had another chance to produce a new video for the Bulekulineran Youtube Channel with great traditional food. In the middle of the City the team meet up, but this time was different than any videos we produced before.
After our first few videos we got the chance to add a new member to the team, please welcome Kukuh Sambodo (@Foodlabplus) as our new editor. So with a team like this we shoot with two cameras and also used a new clip on microphone. Okay,  I am really excited about this new video. But I will let you decide if it is good enough. Check the video below.

Okay back to the topic, actually we want to talk about Gudeg today. Yogya is also called the City of Gudeg. You been to Jogja but haven’t tried Gudeg? That means you haven’t been to Jogja.

History of Jogjakartas Gudeg

The history of Gudeg is also already long enough. It is not clear if it was createt as a soldier was cooking but forgot his Food on the stove as he had to cut down some trees. Or if it was the wife of a soldier which created this food.

Gudeg – how is it made

But what is Gudeg? Gudeg is a young Jackfruit cooked for several hours mixed with coconut milk and sugar. Slow cooked on a wooden fire till the wooden fire is over. Don’t try it on a gas fire it’s will not work, because you want to get a smokey, juicy and sweet taste. If you haven’t eat Jackfruit before, your first thought will be that it looks like some innards. But trust me the Gudeg is vegetarian food.

Gudeg Yu Narni

Gudeg Yu Narni

Today we try the Gudeg of Yu Narni, actually in Jogja there are different kind of Gudegs, some are really sweet others are quit normal but there are also wet and dry Gudegs. The original Gudeg is the wet Gudeg, however Indonesians love to bring local food back to their village when they are on holiday or when they come back to their village at Idul Fitri. Because wet Gudeg can’t get stored long there was a need to create a Gudeg which they can bring to other areas which still can be eaten there.

Gudeg Yu Narni

The Gudeg at Yu Narni is a dry and not so sweet Gudeg, that’’s sounds already nice or?

Besides Gudeg, I get local Chicken, Duck egg [Telor Bebek] and Krecek (out of Cowskin). On the chicken is a some kind of sauce [Areh] which is delicious together with the chicken. If you like it spicy that’s okay they are giving you some cooked chilli’s as side dish as well. Already starving?

Watch the video to understand what I am talking about.

The street in front of Yu Narni is also nice for taking pictures. Because this place and the neighbouring houses have all small doors and windows which can make a good background for street photography.

Do you have a favourite Gudeg in Jogja? Or you love to cook it by yourself? Let us know what you think about Gudeg. 😀

Gudeg Yu Narni


Location: Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi, Jl. Asam Gede (in front of Gudeg Bu Juminten), Yogyakarta

Wifi: No

Harga: 6 K

Level: Enak banget 

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