WTF… Tofu-drink?

Welcome back on a traditional food tour. This time my friends Rosi (@Ceritamakan) and Nela (@Jogjataste) woke me up earlie in the morning to try a special traditional drink.

The location was easy to find on the corner of a street.

Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi



Tofu as a drink?

I actually couldn’t imagine what this drink can taste like because the name is Wedang Tahu which means Hot drink Tofu. So I asked myself, how can you make a drink out of Tofu? Ahhh okay it’s not the Tofu we normally eat but it’s more a Tofu that is processed to a mass which looks more like pudding. The Tofu is carefully sliced thin put into a bowl. The other important ingredient is the Wedang Jahe. This is a hot ginger drink we can get on the small “Angkringan” everywhere in the town. But here this is mixed with this special Tofu. Because the Tofu is thin sliced It will float on the Ginger drink.

Let’s drink Tofu!

For this drink for sure you will need a spoon, but the texture of the Tofu is very soft which makes it easy to eat. I was wondering that the Tofu has a taste of a Soyadrink but okay come on actually it is the same ingredient for Soyadrink and Tofu, that’s what makes it taste almost same. So I guess that the production of this Tofu is a little similar to the process of producing Soyadrink.

Watch how i sell Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi:

All in all the taste of hot Ginger, Sugar and Soyabean makes a drink that is special and worth to try!

Now I am becoming curious, what is actually the story of this drink? Was someone making a Ginger drink but his Tofu dropped into the drink? Or maybe a glass of Ginger drink fall and spilled over to the Tofu? NWho knows more about the history of this drink?

Have you tried Wedang Tahu before or keen to make it at home?


Location: Wedang Tahu Bu Sukardi, Jl. Asam Gede (in front of Gudeg Bu Juminten), Yogyakarta

Wifi: No

Harga: 6 K

Level: Enak

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