BBQ-Fish sensation in Jogja


Wondering where you can good but also cheap BBQ fish in Jogja? Okay it’s true it is a little tricky to get it here in Jogja but there are some hidden places which offer you Fish which you will dream about.

First time fish

Actually I didn’t like to eat fish before I came to Indonesia. The taste of fish in Germany is normally quite salty. Fresh salt water fish which is made on a grill is normally not offered. So here in Indonesia before I went to Flores my friends forced me to eat Fish. I can tell you, I really didn’t want it but it was an amazing experience. Really tasty, I couldn’t stop to eat it and after that had already a lot of fish.

Hard to find tasty and cheap fish

Sweat water fish is easy to find everywhere but if you are into salt water fish that is getting harder. Normally you will pay per once. I didn’t understood it the first time I bought my own fish and thought they want to rip me off, because in the menu it was just like 15.000 Rupiah but they wanted me to pay 90.000 Rupiah. So I learned on the hard way that fish is normally calculated in ounce. So how about if you wane eat fish but just want to pay a little? That is getting even more tricky, because you have to know where you can get fish that is small like one to two once only.


I found it! When you are entering Babarsari from Seturan you may already recognized a restaurant where is always lot of smoke in front on the right side. Ikan Bakar Makassar: That is the place to be! The Adress is Ruko Babarsari, Jalan Babarsari 45 in Jogja.

 The place

It is a Warung that is a mixture between a street warung and a restaurant, so it is a half opened place to eat. In front they are preparing the fish so you can watch them and take pictures if you want. Just if the wind is changing direction’s it can get a little bit smoky in the place and on your table. The Fish and Seafood is not grilled on normal charcoal but on coconut shells.


The fish which is served here is deep frozen. However it is still very tasty!

Big choice of fish

The Menu is not to big, but that’s okay so it won’t confuse us. I love fish so could have the option of the following: Ikan Bawal [Pomfret], Ikan Baronang [Rabbitfish], Ikan Kapap [Snapper], Ikan Kerapu [Grouper] and Ikan Kuwe [Pompano] and Ikan Cakalang [Skipjack].

But the only problem is you have to be lucky that your choice is not already sold out when you are there.
Already found a fish you want? I normally love the Ikan Kakap, favourite! The last time it was sold out so I tried Ikan Kerapu which was not a big difference and still enough for me.
So before they start to prepare it for you, choose the way to cook which you like at most grilled or fried? Even more important plain? Spicy [Rica pedas]? Sweet with Soyasauce [Kecap manis]? Sweet and spicy [Pedas Manis]? Or you want it as a soup? Yeah I know the choice is confusing but if you like spicy I recommend you the grilled fish with the rica pedas sauce.

Want some Squid and Shrimp?

If you or your friend are more likely to eat Squid [Cumi] or shrimp [Udang] that’s also possible here and also recommended! You can get it sweet sour [Asam manis], fried with flour [goreng tepung], oyster sauce [saus tiram]or sour spicy[asam pedas]. We tried Udang and Cumi in the fried version which I can fully recommend. Because normally I don’t eat udang and cumi but here it is without skin, ready to eat and still tasteful.

Get some Sidedish and Sambal

And as side dishes you can get some different variation of tasty Waterspinach [Kangkung] or bean sprouds [Tauge]. I personally like the Kangkung with a lot of garlic [bawang putih] or with oyster sauce [sauce tiram]. Okay almost ready but wait something is missing… Of course we need the right sambal! Okay, here we have the choice of Sambal Dabu-dabu [ spicy sauce with tomato and shallots], Spicy sauce with shrimp paste [sambal terasi] and spicy sauce with soya sauce [sambal kecap]. No worries you don’t have to choose you will get all, take care you will get addicted to sambal dabu-dabu, it is of course spicy and oily, that’s what makes it just great!

Forget your spoon and fork, wash your hands and get started, eat it with hands it’s the best fun and the easiest way to eat fish.  Press the citrus on top of the fish, enjoy!



Fish – 13.000 – 15.000 Rupiah per ounce

Rice [Nasi putih] – 3.500 Rupiah

Waterspinach [Kangkung] – 5.000 – 7.000 Rupiah

[Tauge] – 5.000 Rupiah

Es Pisang Ijo – 9.000 Rupiah

Es Pallu Butung – 9.000 Rupiah


Location: Ikan Bakar Makassar, Ruko Babarsari, Jalan Babarsari 45 in Jogja

Wifi: No

Level: Gila enak banget

If you wane order a place or ask for information try to give them a call maybe you are lucky

0812-1881-2472/ 0877-3884-4503

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