Get the best Catfish [Lele] of your life

 Catfish [Lele] Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Mbah Marto

Let’s start the culinary adventure

Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Let’s go for a little ride guys! We let the Jalan Prawirotaman behind us and heading till to the south a little bit. After the ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia) we will find the place which will make our heartbeat beat up to the maximum.




Mangut Lele Mbah Marto – a new portion is made

A little bit hard to find is the place, that’s right but if you found it once you will also find it the other times, because the taste is like Kokain  for your tongue.

Direction to Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Pass by the little gang to find the mangut lele Mbah Marto

Pass by the ISI which is easy to allocate due it’s huge  entrance area. The first road after that turn to the right. The next left again, pass thrue the roof which is next to the mosque and around 100 meters you go to the left again. Almost there! Go again around 50 meters and enter a small gang, (if you are by car you have to park in front). After 50 meters it is already on your right side. But don’t be confused because there is at least one other place which sells “Lele”, should be the second place which you have to choose, the name is also written on there “Mangut Lele Mbah Marto” and a well is in front of the house.







Watch also my video review of Mangut Lele Mbah Marto on Youtube

A recipe to love

Traditional Kitchen at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Welcome! You made it to the house of an old woman named mbah Marto! Finally you found the place which will give you the greatest pleasure for traditional food taste in this area. A secret family recipe is well kept here to overcome generations.
Just enter her house where the old woman is also living and head towards the kitchen. For that you will pass thrue the “living room” and finally end up in the kitchen.



Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen – fresh cooking at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

This might give you the feeling that you just entered a rural area. Old woman cooking here the food on wooden headed stoves, the room breathes smoke and it is hot and dark in here. What  a lovely photo spot. I hope you already learnen a little bit Javanese [Bahasa Java] because the owner Mbah Marto just speak Javanese.

I will give you a small dictionary.

Bahasa Java introduction

Good morning – Sugeng enjang

Good afternoon – sugeng sonten

Good evening -Sugeng ndalu

How are you doing? – Pripun Kabare

I am fine – Kulo Sae

I am from… – Kulo saking…

Hungry – Kulo Ngeleh

Tasty – enak

Thank you – Matur nuwun

Choose your food – From Lele to Gudeg

Great Choice at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Already hungry right? Let’s choose our food for today. Definetly we take a Catfish [Lele] which is smoked on the woodfire, besides that also traditional Gudeg for what Jogja is famous for. Other dishes you can choose are  Telor, Tempe, Tahu Bacem [Egg Tempe and Tofu] and Sambal Krecek [Spicy sauce with Cowskin] are also very recommended. Besides that you can get Pepes [Steamed Chicken] and Salty Egg [Telor Asin]. Your friend which don’t like Catfish can get also some nice chicken here. The choise of food  is quite big for this small place.

Mbah Marto’s seating area

Tempe/ Tahu at Mangut Lele Mbah Marto


Dark and smokey kitchen

Sit wherever you want, outside or inside if you are getting here to the right time you have the choice but try to avoid the Business Lunch breaks then the place is very crowded and you have to squeeze yourself with some people.

Amazing taste of Mangut Lele

Mangut Lele Mbah Marto

Oh my god! The taste is very good, I normally don’t eat catfish but this one is just so tasty. Yes, it is spicy but you can also take the spicy sauce [sambal] down from the catfish [Lele] if it’s to spicy for you. The Gudeg here, which is made out of Jackfruit is not as sweet as at other places. The normal Gudeg is just to sweet for my taste, but this one is recommended!

Price of Mangut Lele


The price is very fair. For the Lele, Tempe and Gudeg 25.000 Rupiah. It is really worth it. I believe that there is not such a place like this again, the taste and the place will create an experience you will never forget.  For people that love to take pictures you will find in each corner of this house something interesting to hold your camera on.
If you look closely enough you will see the pictures on her wall which shows the old woman wth celebrities from all over Indonesia, which came the long way just to get  this experience for there tongue.






Okay, what’s next on the Bucket List? Now with a full stomach we can continue to the beach Parangtritis  or to other culinary experiences.

Have you already been here? Do you know other very traditional places in and around Jogja?

Location: Sewon, Kec. Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

Wifi: No

Level: gila enak banget

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