Fish without dangerous bones? Bandeng!

Bandeng Bledheg pedas banget

Lazy to eat fish

I know there are a lot of people that like to eat fish but are lazy because of all the small bones. That’s why there are some places where you get a fish with bones you can eat, to make your life easier.

Found it but changed a little

I still know this place from the last time I visited Jogja, it was a recommendation of @Javafoodie but this time it was harder to find because they already changed the Logo.

Logo baru Warung Bandeng 

Last time there was still a fish on the Logo but know the dark colour and a written “BANDENG” is dominating it.

Please come in and try out Bandeng Bledhek 

Actually I was scared that something happened that the taste will not be the same as the last time. And It seems like I am right there was a change in the ownership of the restaurant but luckily the chef is still the same.

Still open Bandeng Bledheg

I am wondering why the place is always quite empty when I am there but it’s positive for us, so we can always choose our favourite seat.

Cukup luas dan nyaman di Warung Bandeng Bledheg

Order spicy Bandeng

So the taste is still the same as I was used to it. The favourite here is the Bandeng Bledheg, should be the spiciest fish you can get here. Even more it it is made on the hot fire of a BBQ which is always my first choice! So, I understood it as my duty to order this! As you know Europeans normally don’t like spicy food but I just love spicy food so I will always go the extra mile to get the spiciest food available.

Tempe dan Ikan  Bandeng Bledheg

My companion choose the Bandeng Crispy and finished everything just the head was left.

Bandeng Crispy

As a side mission of this task we tried the water spinach (Kangkung) and Tempe (fermented Soybeans). The tempe is quite normal but the Kangkung was good, just enough of anything.

Kangkung sebagai teman ikan

Seems small but…

As the Bandeng  Bledheg was served, my first thoughts are just: “oh my good, looks small”, but because you can eat almost anything of it, it was enough. And yes it was also spicy enough.

In the end one portion fish each and the shared side dishes were enough to make our stomage full, at least for a while…. The hunt will be continued 😉

On a hot day

If you are in this area on a hot day, no worries they also have Air-conditioned room, but the AC is just working a little. So it will be just a little bit different with the outside 😀

 Affordable Price

The prices are also affordable here for a good dish. We payed 26.000 Rupiah each for our meal with drinks. For detailed prices please see the Pricelist.


Menue Warung Bandeng Bledheg

Cukup terjangkau kan?

Someone of you were always there? Leave your thoughts… See you guys 😉



Warung Bandeng Jl. Magelang KM 3 ( dekat Jogja City Mall)

Wifi: No

Level: Enak banget

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