DON’T upgrade to Instagram Business Page

Instagram Business Tools, Photo by: @uchi_thio

Business Account?

Already seen that you can upgrade your Instagram profile to a business Instagram profile right? Maybe you are thinking about it to upgrade it, but I tell you DON’T.

In the long term it will kill your organic reach which means you will be vanished from the peoples News feed.

Actually I was also thinking about it due you get insights of your followers so that sounds very exciting. It means I will know when my followers mostly see my posts and also what kind of pictures or captions they like.  So it would be beneficial  for me, wouldn’t it?

Good Deal?

Okay you can already do this with other third party applications but this would be so easy and for free, so sounds like a nice deal. What is the matter I don’t want to upgrade in the end?

For explaining it the way anybody  get it, I will explain it from the beginning so it’s becoming crystal clear.

As we already know Instagram is a platform that is keep changing in the way of it’s code also called algorithm.

Instagram and Facebook involvement

Instagram was bought by Zuckerberg’s Facebook for a high price ( 1 Billion US $) but was not producing income at all. After Facebook took over, after a while Instargram startet to sell marketing posts for Sponsored Content from big company’s.

Everybody know that Instagram changed it’s Logo and the most of the people also know, but maybe not understand, that to the same time Instagram changed it’s algorithm dramatically.

Before the change, the latest update of people you follow were on the top of your News feed, but after they changed the Logo (and the algorithm) it changed from the Time relating importance to the relevance relating importance what was showing on top of your news feed. Not anymore the latest update was on top but the one for you personal most relevant was on top (according to the algorithm).

That includes some figures like who’s pictures do you like the most or at which post you comment a lot. But also with which account you have a lot of connections through friends.

Instagram income growth strategy

How can  Instagram now produce more money? That’s quite easy, actually they use the same strategy like Facebook.

  1. Changing from time to relevance
  2. Offering Business accounts with some Benefits like insides in accordance that many businesses are using it (but not knowing what comes next),
  3. Logical next step: Changing the algorithm that business accounts are not as relevant anymore than personal accounts, because of course normal people should be more relevant to you than businesses.
  4. This will led to small or non organic reach of Business accounts
  5. Business accounts owners will have to use paid promote  to reach their customers.
  6. Well done the income will rise dramatically but not for you, just for Instagram itself.

What does this mean to us as Foodgramer or also all other kinds of Instagram user?

This means actually in changing into a business account in the long term you will destroy the relevance of your own account and getting into the trap of Instagram’s capitalism goals.

Sponsored Post

Another Problem: Have you realised that you are scrolling away almost every sponsored post? It’s because we do not want to be confronted with marketing. It means in the end if you are paying for sponsored post’s you will have hassle to get the Instagram users attention.

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If you are still thinking that I might be wrong, please check how this strategy was used at Facebook to grow Facebook income.

But if you already changed it, you can still change it back to a personal profile, i just recommend you doing this before the algorithm will be changed because nobody knows if you can still change it after that.

Please share this post with your friends, so they don’t get into this trap.

Don’t forget leave your thoughts and comments below.


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