Jogja my love!

Finally the time came to go back to Jogjakarta, the place where everything started.

Okay I start from the beginning…

Relax and come down in Jogja, have a meal in a lesehan and enjoy the street musicians.


First Day

Arriving in Jogjakarta at the airport but the taxis are really expensive from here, for around 3 Km they offered me rides in a range from 80 to 100.000 Rupiah, so I decided to use the Go-Jek like I know it from Jakarta. But I did not know that the Go-Jek’s are not allowed to enter into the airport area, so after waiting already for half an hour I decided to walk down to the street (Jalan Solo), after 5 more minutes I already got a Go-Jek. 😀

Where is my first Stop in Jogja?   Nope, not a place to stay but to Studio Kopi which was like my second home in Jogjakarta the last time I was here. After some cup’s of coffee I was ready to hit the road to find a place to sleep for the night, I forgot that it will be a long weekend which made it not as easy as I thought to get a room.But finally after 2 hours I got a place for a month.

Coffetime at Nanamia Pizza in Jogja

Yeayyyyy let’s start

Jogja my big love! You got me back! It’s fantastic to be back! Affordable coffee and good food almost everywhere. A lot things already changed in 9 month I haven’t been here.

There are a lot of new coffeeshops and places to eat and some are already closed again. In Indonesia the food industrie is an industrie that is fast changing. It don’t needs a long time till new food or a place is a new trend. The Indonesians get boring quite quick with food. It seems like just the traditional food can survive this battle about the taste and stay for another hundred years. Another typical Indonesian or maybe Asian characteristic I recognised here. Some of the places I always went to already had to move to other places, I actually don’t know the reasons, but I believe the reasons are also found in the raising prices for land, which make small business owners to move.

In contrast:

Did you know that the time I will come back to Germany, everything will be the same? You really can leave Germany for one year but the time you are back, almost everything will be the same, the shops, restaurants, traffic even the people will normally still have the same Job. The reasons may be the cultur because Germans have a need for more security and a long planning or more favourable because Indonesia is still an developing country, which need a fast change to develop it’s potential.

Enjoying the day in the beautiful nature around Jogja at Kopi Klotok

The most of the places I visited here in Jogja are still as tasty as before, believe me I love this place!

I already got some recommendations for the next days from my fellow foodgramer friends like @ceritamakan @javafoodie @brojajan and @jogjataste. They are the local and native foodgramer in Jogja which can give you amazing recommendations every day!

There is so much to say about Jogja but actually I don’t really know how to write it down in this single post, so I will keep you up to date the next days about Jogja.

If you have any Questions about Jogja or just want to share you thought’s, please leave a lovely comment. 


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