Streetfood Jakarta


Hello back guys! Some have ask me why is it harder in Jakarta to find good street food than in Jogjakarta? Should be the same or not?

Nope, it’s not the same, sadly. So here I will give you an example in comparing Jakarta with Jogjakarta:

  1. The price
    Of course that is the smallest problem of all when you already get used to the price, but it’s sometimes still quite expensive to eat on the street in Jakarta.
  2. Location
    In Jogjakarta you can find almost everywhere everything you need. I mean it’s not to far, also if it is in another part of Jogja, you can still get there quite fast. In Jakarta there is not everywhere this quantity of street food. So for some foods you would have to go a long way, and as you know Jakarta is famous for it’s traffic jam. But this problem is also becoming more acute in Jogjakarta.
  3. Hygiene
    This is the biggest problem.
    Sorry to say it, but in Jakarta there is more poverty, which is leading the people to try to maximise their profit margin. This leads to some situations we actually don’t want to think of, that’s why I am more caution to eat on the street in Jakarta as in Jogjakarta.

There are different ways to maximise the profit margin. I would like to mention some which are uncovered from police or media.

  1. Meatballs (Bakso) produced with moldy eggs
  2. Meatballs (Bakso) produced with moldy chicken meat
  3. Cooking oil mixed with diesel fuel
  4. Pepper and coriander that is full with chemicals
  5. Rice that’s made out of Plastic


Others I heard of:

  1. Using plastic to make the fried chicken more crispy
  2. Selling rat as fried chicken


The aim of this post is not to speak bad about the Street food in Jakarta and the problem might be not just in Jakarta, but I just want to rise awareness. I personally still love Street food and eat it all the time. Just in Jakarta I am more aware of where to eat.

In some cases the vendors use also food which was stored to long. I actually had one place which I often visited with a friend in the last years, but after they had to move to another location, they don’t have as many customer as before, so the last time I went there the potato’s are already not eatable anymore but they still sell it, so I definitely don’t go there again.

But one golden rule of course in every country is always go to that places that are full with people, the most of the time the mass of people are right about the choice. But give also the smaller one a chance, some of them are real hidden treasures!

That are the reasons which make me to be a little bit more careful in Jakarta on the food hunt. Do you have any thought or  advice for us? Please comment below J


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