Is Samyang really spicy?

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I guess you already heard about Samyang, the Instant noodle from South Korea.
In Indonesia this Instant noodles are a new trend, everyone is talking about it. That’s why I also had to try it. How it was you will find out in the video (Bahasa Indonesia).
I had a lot stuff to do so now, after 2 month, I just finished editing the video and already uploaded it.

I am still on the subtitle, so maybe when you are already watching it the English subtitle is already ready.


Short Summary:

For me the taste of this instant noodles are just the same as other instant noodles a little bit spicy but not as spicy as some people said. So I added some chilli’s to make it really spicy. But in the end I have to say, after living 8 month in Germany I am not as used as before to spicy food. But I still like it!

Enjoy the video and let us know your opinion about Samyang.Β Β 


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