How to get around in Jakarta?

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Hey guys! This article is for the people which haven’t been to Jakarta yet or maybe want to go there soon and still planning there trip. And before we start I can tell you, the  way of coming around in Jakarta really changed in this one year I wasn’t here!

Jakrata is a city which is famous for it’s traffic jam, so think wisely about how you wanne get around.

Okay at first how can you get from the Airport into the City?
I normally take the bus which is the cheapest option. The bus service called Damri, you will have to buy a ticket before you enter the bus. Here are the prices 

There are also many different Taxi services available from the Airport, my personal recommendation is Bluebird 
However since the app based transportation systems are available, this is a very good alternative to the regular systems. Check below for the explanation of App based services .

The standard services

Jakarta of course has there Busway system around the city which is really cheap to travel with but sometimes overcrowded and also sometimes the waiting time is to long for us when we want to come around fast. If you travel with the Busway make sure you look after your stuff. So take your bag in front of you and watch your pockets! Here you can find the Map of the rutes 


Besides the city owned Busway system you will find a great variety of other Bus or small van operators that operate on different routes. So sometimes it’s good to travel at first with the busway to another area and than take the smaller busses or van’s for the special areas. For this system you will have to ask the local people because there are no information available and sometimes really confusing.

Jakarta also has many Taxi operator, which can bring you anywhere you wanne go, just flag them done or give them a call. Besides that there are also motorbike taxis on some intersections or passing by and asking you if you need a ride. This is the classic way to go around in Jakarta but sometimes they also try to rip you off, let’s get to the new economy transportation….

Okay now we get to the good stuff which is acutally my personal choice

Actually I had my first experience with this service the last time I was on my way back to Germany, we decided to try one of this new app based transportation systems on the way to the airport. I did not know anything about it, actually I still had to put everything in my bag and wanted to go to toilet. We thought it will take the same time as a taxi to come to the location, but I was shocked just 5 seconds after we presed the “order” button, a driver in the same street accepted our inquiry. I really had to speed up anything I still had to do, he was already waiting.

So what is it about

Everybody now can become a driver for this app based transportation systems. You just need to download one of the apps, register and GO! At this apps we can choose if we wanne go by motorbike or car. After we enter the place to go we will see directly the price for the trip. But the prices are always depending on the demand. So f there is a high demand like when all the people go to work or home the price will be higher.

There are three big player in this game, which are: Uber, Go-Jek and Grab.

Uber is actualy one of the first global player from America of this branch.
At Uber you can choose between motor bike, normal and more luxury cars but you have also the choice of Uberpool and UberX. UberX is that you have the car for yourself but if you wanne go to destinations which might take a little bit longer you can think about Uberpool. Uberpool is the option to share the ride with other people which are planning to go into the same directions. But don’t forget this can be time consuming due to the traffic jam’s in Jakarta. Another specially at Uber is that they just have a new cooperation with mobile network operators. This means that the Uber driver will use the navigation system because he will not get charged for this. That is a big Plus for Uber.  The prices at Uber sometimes just shown as approximate.

At Grab you will see a fix price before booking. If the driver needs to long or you have other reasons to cancel the trip, this is free of charge. The Grab bike driver are easy to identify. Also possible to order normal Taxi at Grab or food to your place.

Go-Jek was in the beginning the most famous player in Jakarta, they also changed the way to consume in Jakarta. Go-Jek introduced not just the app based people transportation system, but you can order anything with the them. You can order food from your favourite restaurant, order massage to your place or order almost anything else. This invention is in the traffic jam bothered Jakarta a great way to make the life or stay more comfortable.

So all of them have some advantages, actually the most people living in Jakarta have at least two of this apps or all three. Sometimes the prices vary strong between the apps, always depends on the demand of each app.

So I hope this helped you a little bit and the next time you come to Jakarta you will know how to get around. Please share this article with your friends which should get this information and comment below what you think about this topic or about the article.


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