A week Jakarta

jakarta traffic jam macet crazy scooter

Hey guys! After almost a week in Jakarta I can tell you it’s not as easy as I thought to find the best street food in town. Sometimes the prices of street food are the same as in the mall. Jakarta is a lot different to Yogyakarta. Okay it might be because Yogyakarta is one of the cheapest citys in Indonesia with a minimum wage of around 65 US $ and Jakarta has a minimum wage around 236 US $. You can feel it every time you are going for a hunt for food. In Yogyakarta the most food will cost from 0,76 –  1,50 US $ but in Jakarta the prices just start at 1,50 US $. So it will give you heartpain if you lived a long time in Jogjakarta. But on the other hand if you life longer time in Jakarta you will feel like in heaven when you get to Yogya.

But something amazing started in Jakarta over a year ago that I can just feel now. The transportation system was improved very strong by introducing the App based transportation booking systems like Uber, Gojek and Grab. This indeed is the transportation system of the future. What a petty that the german authorities still don’t allow it. Before this system was established the taxi drivers and Ojek ( Motorbiketaxi) always tried to ripe you off, but now it’s a fixed price from the company which is displayed before you book the tour. It is very cheap compares to the situation before. Nowadays I use this services almost every day. You can choose between motorbike taxi and car. I just love this service!

If you have any recommendations for food stalls or café’s which are just great, please leave a comment below.


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