Back in town!


Jakarta bundaran HI
Jakarta bundaran HI

Woooww! Already back to Jakarta! It feels so good you can’t believe it!
Actully I mean it’s great to be back in Indonesia . Jakarta is still a city of beton which I have to get used to. Actually in Germany all the Citys are quite green with trees and flowers but in Jakarta you almost just see grey beton and also don’t smell the fragrance of flowers but the smell of rubbish and pollution.

Anyway I am happy to be back because of the people and of course the food!

The last days I wanted to get a new flight experience so I travelled with Srilanka Airlines. Yes I know what you may think now. This might be a dangerous adventure sounds like jungle airline 😀
So I had no expectations but I was impressed from the airplane. The television was bigger than I knew it from other airlines and the service was also really good.
But what is this Blog about if I don’t philosophise about food 😀 The meal we got on the flight from Frankfurt to Colombo was 4 stars! I got Rice with chicken curry which was tasty like indian food.
But the local food I ordered from Colombo to Singapur is for me just 2 stars worth. It was some chicken with White and red sticky rice with some sambal. But okay maybe the food is just new for me but also the appearance was not so good.
They also offered a local Arak for the braves and Martini for the onces which wanted to feel like James Bond. Shaken not stirred!


In Singapur I had 5 hours to my next flight with Lion Air. But waiting at the Airport could be quite boring If you don’t know the airport well. So I went into the City to the Maxwell Food Center, because this is a place where a big love began… between me and Hainanese Chicken Rice for 5 S$ a medium sice. Try it at the food stall called Tian Tian. I just love it! And of course the best friend of it is a fresh made Soya drink for 1,20 S$.
After this delicious tour I just went back to the airport. Okay, you are right! It seems a little bit strange to go around 40 minutes by train into the city just for the chicken rice, but believe me when you tried it you will understand me.
Actually as I discovered the airport I found out that there is a small cinema where they show movies for free. So I entered it but I just saw a couple kissing quite intense (with tounge) 😀 so I just left and headed to the butterfly garden. I fully understand why this is voted to be one of the best airports on the globe. But I still have to figure out an easy way how to become a member of this lounges which have showers. Taking a shower on a long trip would be a pleasure like heaven.

The Flight with Lion Air was okay like always, not the best and not the worst. But in advance they already changed the schedule once, after that canceled my flight and gave me another flight which was 1,5 hours later. If someone from Lion Air is reading this Blog please do not start the title of the subject with this words: Flight Cancellation. I really got a shock! But okay in the end everything was alright.

So now back in Jakarta I can start to enjoy all the great different food from Indonesia. Let’s start to eat, have a good meal! If you have any recommendations of especially of street food stalls please place into the comment section.

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Enjoy your meal!


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