Me and my Vlog

Sorry guys, haven’t had time the last days to write on the Blog, the last week I was quite busy with my new Vlog. So after producing already some Vlog’s the last week, today I am going to write down my first experiences while Vlogging. The toughest Video was the first one but after that … More Me and my Vlog

Gudeg Yu Nanik

Hey Guys! Already had sweets today? The people from Jogja love to eat sweet food but: All day long! They also love to have their Tea and other drinks sweeted with some big spoon sugar. Also the traditional food is sweet. In another post I will explain you why they love it. Today’s traditional food … More Gudeg Yu Nanik

WTF… Tofu-drink?

Welcome back on a traditional food tour. This time my friends Rosi (@Ceritamakan) and Nela (@Jogjataste) woke me up earlie in the morning to try a special traditional drink. The location was easy to find on the corner of a street.     Tofu as a drink? I actually couldn’t imagine what this drink can … More WTF… Tofu-drink?